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Spread Love Everyday

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, "Everybody can be great, because anybody can serve."
⭐Ladies and gentlemen, if you are serving others, then you are in the love business. To love means ‘to care deeply for’, and every customer, on some level, wants to be cared for. Whether it’s in an airport, hospital, hotel, nursing home, spa, school, bank or restaurant, customers want to know that whoever happens to be serving them cares about their well-being.
People yearn and crave to be loved. They need it.❤
The kind word you say to your customers, may be the only kind word they have heard all day…or all week…or all month. You don’t know what their personal circumstances are.
🌟The man you are serving could have only a few weeks to live and he now finds himself being served by you. A woman could be having the worst year of her life, and she now finds herself being served by you. Your genuine smile may be the catalyst to turn her day completely around.
In the end, money can buy material possessions, but memories and how we feel are all we have.
Takeaway: Spread Love Everyday

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