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There MUST Be a Leader Somewhere

There MUST be a leader somewhere.

There just has to be.

Someone who stands up and steps forward.

A leader who is not easily shaken when things don't go as planned.

A strong leader.

One who has the passion, conviction and optimism to set a clear vision.

Someone who inspires others to believe in that vision.

A leader who encourages regularly and challenges frequently.

One who focuses on excellence and doesn't allow indifference on the team.

A strong leader that pushes...and lifts...and comforts...and corrects.

The type of leader who others love to follow. 

One who brings out the best in us. 

Is it you?

Are you the strong leader we have all been waiting for?

Don't you see it?

The light inside of you is stronger than any doubts you may have about your leadership ability.

You are a STRONG leader!

Born to lead.

Born to do great works.

Born to build, develop and accomplish things.

You are the leader we have been waiting for.

Become the leader you are meant to be.

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