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Job. Career. Calling.

Let’s be honest. Most people’s paychecks will be exactly the same whether they meet or exceed their customers' expectations.

Seriously, doing "more" requires extra effort, and extra effort requires more time. So, my question is, why bother? The answer may be found in how you view your work. Is it a job, a career or a calling? The way you perceive your work has a major impact on whether you “bother” to exceed expectations or not.

Those who view their work as a job, primarily see working as a way to pay bills. They rarely do more than the bare minimum. Those who view work as a career have a bit more vested interest, and aspire to have longevity via job promotions, transfers, etc.

Finally, those who view work as a calling find intrinsic value in what they do. Their work is genuinely meaningful, and their pay is the proverbial “icing on the cake”.

I personally know people who make six-figure salaries and view their work as "a job". While I also know line staff, who make far less and view their work as a calling.

Takeaway: Find your calling. Don't settle for anything less.

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