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  • Who Am I?

    Years ago, I was a bellman at the beautiful Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas. It was one of several hotel jobs that I was fortunate to have during my career. I loved being a bellman.  I was one of the first people to give a warm welcome when guests arrived, and I was one of the last to offer a fond farewell when they left. Most of my time was spent in the hotel's porte-cochere, which ...

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  • 4 Keys to Pivot

    In this uncertain employment landscape, I was recently asked for my thoughts on what it's like to start, sustain, and grow a full-time business. First off, I am very passionate about entrepreneurship. It affords me the freedom to set my own schedule. It also allows me to serve clients in amazing ways without restrictions and bureaucracy (plus there's no limit on my earning potential). My current business is now almost 14 years old, and it ...

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  • Job. Career. Calling.

    Let’s be honest. Most people’s paychecks will be exactly the same whether they meet or exceed their customers' expectations. Seriously, doing "more" requires extra effort, and extra effort requires more time. So, my question is, why bother? The answer may be found in how you view your work. Is it a job, a career or a calling? The way you perceive your work has a major impact on whether you “bother” to exceed expectations or ...

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  • More Than a Job

    When you are operating in your "calling", time seems to stop and every concern melts away. You are no longer satisfied with good enough when you are operating in your calling. No. The tasks you do in that area have to be perfect...or it's completely wrong. You can't bring yourself to do anything less than your absolute best! Your calling will do that to you; and it's beautiful when it happens. My 1st job was ...

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  • Lessons Learned as a Cafeteria Manager

    One of my hotel jobs was as the Employee Dining Room (EDR) Manager. Basically, I was in charge of the cafeteria. Initially, I didn't want that job because a big chunk of my career up to that point was spent in fine dining. I was classically trained in the honor and artistry of service by professionals from France, England, Italy and Spain. I foolishly thought that I was "beyond" working in the cafeteria. Little did ...

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  • Sign Your Work

    When I was in grade school, students could not turn in their assignment unless they signed their work. Signing your work meant that you checked it and am proud of what you submitted. It meant something. By definition, a signature is a distinguishing feature, aspect or mark. No one has your signature! It is 100% completely unique to you. As you serve your customers everyday, it is imperative that you learn to “sign  your work”....

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  • Me First (Affirmation)

    As I live each day, my goal is not to wait for what I can is to see what I can give. I was allowed to wake up today; many others were not. I am allowed to walk and talk today; many others can not. I will use the gifts I’ve been blessed with today; many others will not. And because such favor has fallen on me, my mission ...

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  • Through the Eyes of a Server

    Back to my roots. There’s something deeply moving and rejuvenating to go back to where it all started. My professional career began almost 30 years ago in a fine-dining French restaurant called “The Palm Terrace”. I started as a busboy, then worked my way up to various roles.  However, the job that transformed me; the one that made me feel like I was flying...the one that fully consumed me, was as a restaurant server. Oh, ...

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  • One Button

    Recently, I was in a local tailor shop getting alterations done. While there, another person walked in and asked an employee how much and how long it would take to get a button re-attached to his dress shirt. The employee gave him a confused (and annoyed) look, then asked, “Only one button?” He continued, “Are you saying that you want to hire us to re-attach one button?”. When the “potential” customer said yes, the employee ...

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  • Ultimate Ambassadors

    Ultimate Ambassadors: Those are the two words that were branded on my brain recently. My family and I just returned from a week-long trip to Bermuda and I will never forget the taxi drivers. We didn’t rent a car so we relied on taxi transportation whenever we ventured off property. In total, we must have taken ,at least, six different taxis and each one was memorable. They were a key highlight of our trip to ...

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