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NorthBay Medical Center

North Bay Medical Center

Northbay Health in Fairfield, California is an exceptional healthcare organization. I can spend hours recounting several stories of how team members went above and beyond to create memorable patient experiences. One example, however, has stuck in my mind ever since I heard it.

A homeless man, who was always seen with his beloved pet dog, was rushed to the emergency room. Even though his dog was not allowed inside the hospital, one of the hospital’s nurses decided to take the dog to a pet grooming parlor. At the parlor, the dog was treated to a fleabath and a trim. The nurse took a photo of the newly groomed pet, framed it, and presented it to the homeless man who was still at the hospital. When the man was discharged, he was re-united with his beloved dog.

Stories like that restore people’s faith in humanity. It also reassures many of us that those ladies & gentlemen who work in healthcare actually “care” about those they are taking care of. Whenever you encounter healthcare professionals who love what they do and look for ways to do more than what is expected, please tell them how much they are appreciated.

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