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The Cakery

When it comes to service excellence, the word “consistency” is a key ingredient, and the Cakery is the embodiment of it.  The Cakery is the quintessential neighborhood staple in suburban Maryland led by a husband and wife, who are the owners. The husband is the pastry chef, and the wife is the bakery manager/whatever else needs to be done.

One of the things that I really appreciate is the consistency of Gail. Besides being a co-owner, she is also the cashier. It doesn’t matter if its morning or afternoon, raining or snowing, busy or slow…Gail is supremely consistent. Always smiling. Always prompt. Always hospitable.


Now, here’s the really good part. Her service isn’t based on the amount of money I spend. Whether it’s $1.25 or $18.25, she makes her customers feel valued and appreciated. Some people adjust their service based on how much money the customer is spending. Not Gail. She doesn’t adjust her level of professionalism or kindness based on the amount of the sale. That is what I call a true service professional. She also realizes that the person spending $1.00 today, may spend $100 tomorrow.

Most importantly, if you have honor for what you do, you won’t allow yourself to give less than the best for every customer, every time.

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