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Baylor Medical Center at McKinney

To me, one of the most beautiful things on Earth is seeing an organization that truly “gets it”. Specifically, I’m referring to those businesses that clearly see the link between senior leadership vision, employee engagement and strong customer service. Baylor Medical Center at McKinney(BMCM) is the embodiment of all those qualities.

Senior Leadership

The President, Scott, is regularly seen interacting with staff throughout the hospital and knows everyone’s name. Keep in mind that this hospital has over 500 employees. Then, the CNO/COO, Melissa, has a strong, yet nurturing relationship with everyone as well. John Maxwell wrote, “People buy into the leader, before they buy into the leadership.” I have a feeling that Scott and Melissa can ask anyone to do just about anything, and it will get done, not through intimidation, but through mutual respect.


BMCM has a set of Non-Negotiables, which essentially outline how the entire team should consistently act. Many companies draft a set of standards, but never do anything with them. BMCM uses the non-negotiables in their hiring process, shift meetings, and training classes. They even have a non-negotiable of the month, where one non-negotiable is posted in strategic areas throughout the building. Basically, the non-negotiables are inescapable. You can’t  hide from them, even if you tried.

Now, here’s how serious they are about the non-negotiables. Before applicants comes in for an interview, they are sent an email that contains the non-negotiables. The intent is for the applicants to diligently review them before coming in for the interview. If they haven’t done so, the recruiters do not proceed with administering the interview. That process speaks volumes about BMCM’s commitment to excellence.

There is a Chinese proverb that reads, “To know and not do, is to not know”. Baylor Medical Center at McKinney knows it, does it, and will continue to be mega-successful because of it.

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