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  • Be Welcoming

    As a follow up to my article about being eager to serve, it is important to highlight the importance of the entire welcome experience. There is a popular saying that goes, You never get a second chance to make a first impression. While it is possible, it can be difficult to bounce back from a poor welcome experience.     Importance of the Welcome   On a recent trip, I drove up to the ...

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  • World Class Service 102: Be memorable, regardless of your job title

    No matter what the job title is, everyone has the power to create memorable experiences for their customers. Regardless of the setting or the industry, service excellence begins and ends with at least one person having the desire to not just serve, but to literally improve the life of someone else. While for some, “improve someone’s life” may sound like over-reaching, think of the days when nothing seems to be going right. Then all of ...

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  • The Greatest Nurse I Ever Met

    *This is my “thank you” to the great nurses of the world. You are a gift to everyone who is fortunate to be served by you.*   I love exceptional customer service. Everything about it. I love that those who serve do not think of themselves as servants, but as service professionals. They enjoy making others feel special. They go out of their way to “Wow”. For these service superstars, service is not what they ...

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  • Make each touchpoint memorable: Cha-Ching!

    A few years ago, I wrote an article entitled Engage every customer, one touchpoint at a time. The basic message was that the entire customer experience is comprised of several touchpoints. A touchpoint is any interaction between a customer and your business. For each touchpoint, you could either make a deposit or a withdrawal. More deposits equals more customer engagement, and more withdrawals equals less engagement. Pretty simple right? I even have a client whose ...

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  • 5-Star Employees - Part 3

    In two previous articles, I wrote about the influence that 5-star employees have on their guests, their team, and their company. These 5-star employees take immense pride in their jobs and refuse to settle for anything less than giving exceptional service. In part 1 of this series, I reviewed four commitments that 5- star employees have in common. Then in part 2, I wrote exclusively about the fifth commitment. In this article, we will review ...

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  • 5-Star Employees - Part 1

    One of my previous articles was about “5-star leaders”, and those types of leaders are committed to only one standard: Excellence. They expect nothing less from themselves or from their team. While it is important to describe excellent leadership, it is also important to describe another key piece of the service excellence puzzle…the “5-star employee”. 5-star employees are equally passionate with excellence and take great pride in engaging their customers with purpose-driven service. I can ...

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  • Engage every Customer: One Touchpoint at a Time

    Engaging your customers is not rocket science. With all of the articles, books, blogs, videos and conferences that are available, it can seem that creating an engaging service experience requires a lifetime worth of training. Not true. If you asked me, “how can we improve our service tomorrow?”, I would advise you to begin with your touchpoints. I’m sure that you have heard this word before, but I’ll go ahead and define it anyway. A ...

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