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  • Be Exceptional...Regardless of the Work Environment

    Some people don’t like where they work…at all. They may even despise who they report to. And since their work environment is so “toxic”, they choose to withhold their best quality of work. “THIS PLACE does not deserve the best I have to offer. I will come to work, only do what is expected of me, collect my paycheck, and go home.” Do you know anyone like that? Bare Minimum The problem with that line ...

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  • It's About Your Heart

    “If I have no other qualities, I can succeed with love alone. Without it, I will fail though I possess all the knowledge and skills of the world. I will greet each day with love in my heart.” –Og Mandino It’s about your heart. With all I’ve written about touchpoints, anticipating needs and steps of service, none of them can compare with your heart. Your heart is what connects with people. Your heart is what ...

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  • Can you MAKE Your Team Work Like They Own It?

    “How can I make my employees work like they own it?” That is the question I often get from well-meaning leaders who hope to create a strong service culture. Well, the honest answer is that you really can’t MAKE anyone work like they own it. You can, however, create an environment where they want to. After all that I’ve written concerning this topic, I would like to outline, from the employee’s perspective, the access code ...

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  • Customer Problem Resolution: The 100% Principle

    When it comes to serving others, chances are that you will make mistakes occasionally. Even in the most opulent, 5-star hotels and restaurants, guests are sometimes disappointed. The same goes for hospitals, banks, nursing homes, spas, airlines, and any other businesses that serve people. The key to this seemingly unavoidable dilemma of making mistakes is how well you exemplify the “100% principle”. The 100% principle is simply this: Whenever you receive a complaint or ...

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  • World Class Service 102: Be memorable, regardless of your job title

    No matter what the job title is, everyone has the power to create memorable experiences for their customers. Regardless of the setting or the industry, service excellence begins and ends with at least one person having the desire to not just serve, but to literally improve the life of someone else. While for some, “improve someone’s life” may sound like over-reaching, think of the days when nothing seems to be going right. Then all of ...

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  • Take Your Service to the Next Level: Only BIG WOW's, no bow wow's

    At a recent meeting, I was helping a team of executives brainstorm ways to WOW their customers. Once we began brainstorming, it became clear to me that the executives’ perception of what a WOW was and my perception were completely different. To them, consistently smiling and greeting a customer was a WOW. To me, that is just the bare minimum of doing one’s job in the service business. I then explained what a true WOW ...

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  • Work Like You Own It! 2.0

    Not long ago, I visited a well-known department store to buy a few items. I was armed with a list of carefully selected items that were on sale. When I got to the store, however, I realized that I left the sales paper at home. So I went to the store’s customer service desk to inquire about getting another sales paper. The first person I met said that he was on a break. The second ...

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  • Service Superstars: Work like you own it!

    Years ago, when I reported for my first day of work as a restaurant busboy, the maitre’d said something to me that I have never forgotten. He said, “I want you to work in this restaurant like you own it”. I remember thinking…”what on earth does he mean by that?” Not long thereafter, the implication hit me, and I never looked at a job the same again. Working like you own it means that you ...

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