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  • The Double-Platinum Rule 2.0: Inform & Inspire

    When I wrote the Double Platinum Rule years ago, my intent was to communicate the importance of exceeding customer expectations. To exceed expectations, you must not only treat people the way they want to be treated (Platinum Rule), but treat people the way they don’t even know they want to be treated (Double-Platinum Rule). I even shared some examples. Then, something recently hit me. Many people may think that the double-platinum Rule is only ...

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  • Work Like You Own It! 2.0

    Not long ago, I visited a well-known department store to buy a few items. I was armed with a list of carefully selected items that were on sale. When I got to the store, however, I realized that I left the sales paper at home. So I went to the store’s customer service desk to inquire about getting another sales paper. The first person I met said that he was on a break. The second ...

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  • Delivering World-Class Service: Function vs. Purpose

    What is the difference between the doorman opening the hotel’s door and the doorman providing a welcoming experience? Or what is the difference between the housekeeper changing the bed sheets and the housekeeper ensuring that the guest has a clean, comfortable bed to sleep in? Some people may say they are actually the same thing, but others would say that one drives the other. One is the function and the other is the purpose. It ...

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  • 7 Principles to Fully Engage Your Customers – Part 2

    There I was…excited to dine in a popular steakhouse with my wife. After all, this night was to celebrate her final day of coursework in her professional degree program. Although we eat out regularly, we especially were looking forward to dining on this night. The food was good, waiter was good, service was good…in general, no problems. Afterwards, I told my wife that we won’t be going back to that restaurant anytime soon. Why? Because ...

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  • 7 Principles to Fully Engage Your Customers

    When I wrote EngageMe, it was a declaration of how customers would like to be served. This was regardless if they happened to be in a hospital, hotel, spa, bank, law office, travel agency, or a taxi. The declaration was clear. If you take care of your customers, value their patronage, and provide them with memorable service, then they will return to give you more business. Simple enough. In my quest to help organizations ...

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  • Engaging Service Part 2: It’s all about the culture

    It’s been said that one bad apple can spoil the bunch. Well what if the entire apple tree was bad to begin with? Let’s pretend that the “apple tree” is a company’s culture, and the “apples” are the workforce. Most times, it is the company’s culture that will dictate how the workforce performs. Even if the culture isn’t displayed on catchy mottos or mission statements, you can bet that it exists. I’ve worked with companies ...

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  • Engaging Service Part 1: Not Just for the Chic

    For those who believe that engaging service only happens in fancy places like chic hotels and restaurants, allow me to share a recent story with you. A few weeks ago, my wife and I were running some errands, and we decided to stop in at a restaurant for lunch. As soon as we entered, there was a huge welcome awaiting us. The hostess, manager, and at least two of the servers all gave a hearty ...

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  • Engagement - Part 2

    Some people believe that poor is the opposite of excellent, while others believe that excellence is the only standard that matters. For those who commit to excellence, providing engaging service is the only standard worth striving for. As a business, providing what you are supposed to provide does not win the loyalty and admiration of your customers. It takes something more. Serving customers is an honor that should not be taken lightly. Being a service professional is a highly esteemed ...

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