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  • What is Luxury? S'mores, Steak Knives & Green Tea

    Someone recently asked me, "What is luxury?" I told him that luxury means worry-free. It means everything has been thought of already for you. Every detail has been checked and re-checked before you purchase something. Whenever you have to wonder if something is going to get done, luxury ceases. If I see a maintenance employee in the lobby, and ask him for an extra pillow for my room, I shouldn't have to wonder if it's ...

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  • Be An Ambassador - Video Clip

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  • Service Superstars Part 2: Treat them like they own it!

    “The trouble with having employees is that eventually you have to pay them.” Wow! I heard a manager make that comment not too long ago, and I had to look at him to see if he was serious. Unfortunately, he was. Recently, I wrote an article entitled Work like you own it, which basically means that regardless of your job title you should approach it with zeal, commitment, and pride. One thing I did not ...

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