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  • Expectations: Keep Them High

    Never allow someone to stay on your team whom you don’t believe in. He will know that you don’t believe in him, and that you are willing to accept less than excellence from him. As a result, he will never work hard for you. It’s not that he can’t work hard; it’s just that he won’t. He won’t put forth his best for a leader who has low expectations of him. He won’t work like ...

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  • World Class Service 101: Know the difference between meeting and exceeding expectations

    On a recent trip to an upscale hotel, I had dinner with the restaurant manager. He explained to me that one of the restaurant’s main goals was for guests to rate the restaurant a “5”, as measured by their guest satisfaction survey. The survey asks guests a series of questions, and each question has a corresponding scale that follows: (1=very dissatisfied, 2=dissatisfied, 3=indifferent, 4=satisfied, 5=very satisfied). The manager told me about all the initiatives he ...

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