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  • The Double-Platinum Rule 2.0: Inform & Inspire

    When I wrote the Double Platinum Rule years ago, my intent was to communicate the importance of exceeding customer expectations. To exceed expectations, you must not only treat people the way they want to be treated (Platinum Rule), but treat people the way they don’t even know they want to be treated (Double-Platinum Rule). I even shared some examples. Then, something recently hit me. Many people may think that the double-platinum Rule is only ...

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  • Take Your Service to the Next Level: Only BIG WOW's, no bow wow's

    At a recent meeting, I was helping a team of executives brainstorm ways to WOW their customers. Once we began brainstorming, it became clear to me that the executives’ perception of what a WOW was and my perception were completely different. To them, consistently smiling and greeting a customer was a WOW. To me, that is just the bare minimum of doing one’s job in the service business. I then explained what a true WOW ...

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  • The Double-Platinum Rule

    Whenever I deliver a keynote, training workshop, or explain my company’s service philosophy, I begin with an in-depth discussion on the three service rules. They are the Golden Rule, Platinum Rule, and Double Platinum Rule. Surely, you’ve heard of the Golden Rule, which basically states that you should treat others the way YOU want to be treated. Not everyone has heard of the Platinum Rule, which focuses on treating people the way THEY want to ...

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