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  • Be Exceptional...Regardless of the Work Environment

    Some people don’t like where they work…at all. They may even despise who they report to. And since their work environment is so “toxic”, they choose to withhold their best quality of work. “THIS PLACE does not deserve the best I have to offer. I will come to work, only do what is expected of me, collect my paycheck, and go home.” Do you know anyone like that? Bare Minimum The problem with that line ...

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  • 5 Stars vs. 4 Stars: What’s the difference?

    Championship winning coaches have a habit of demanding excellence from everyone on their team. They never tolerate mediocrity from anyone. Incredibly high standards are discussed everyday (yes, everyday). This article, however, is not about sports. Nor is it about AAA ratings, Mobil ratings, or Michelin Guide ratings. It is about what separates very good from exceptional. I’ve had the privilege to work with 5-star hotels, restaurants, and spas. I have also worked with 4-star establishments. ...

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