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  • Quit & Stay vs. Stay & Thrive

    It’s bad when employees quit and leave; but it’s even worse when they quit and stay. To quit and stay means to have an apathetic attitude and demeanor at work. In any organization, there is absolutely no room for apathy. Not towards one’s role, the customers or the business overall. When customers choose to patronize your business, it is everyone’s responsibility to reaffirm the customers’ decision to visit in the first place. The team’s collective ...

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  • Exalt

    The ultimate goal of being a speaker is not to be heard; it is to serve. If you are given the amazing privilege to stand before people, you owe it to them to give value to THEM. It is not about you. Yes, you prepare, and practice…and practice (and practice some more). However, your pre-occupation must not be about what you will look like and sound like. Read this carefully: If you are to be ...

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  • Expectations: Keep Them High

    Never allow someone to stay on your team whom you don’t believe in. He will know that you don’t believe in him, and that you are willing to accept less than excellence from him. As a result, he will never work hard for you. It’s not that he can’t work hard; it’s just that he won’t. He won’t put forth his best for a leader who has low expectations of him. He won’t work like ...

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  • You, Inc: 3 Keys to Own Your Personal Brand Everyday

    Jenny, Inc - Mark, LLC - Bianca, Incorporated. If you didn't realize it, you are a brand. No, you don't just work for a actually are a brand! Your brand is your reputation, or as Jeff Bezos famously said, "Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room." Your brand is a powerful thing, especially when you fully appreciate the impact it can have. Ever since one of ...

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  • Be Unreasonable

    Unreasonable. Non-negotiable. Unapologetic. They all basically mean the same thing: I refuse to accept anything other than what I expect. There may be areas in your life where you are willing to waver or bend your standards, but not THAT thing for which you are a snob about. I believe it is actually good to have, at least, one thing for which you refuse to compromise. Like a sturdy foundation for a house, it grounds ...

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  • Unbreakable

    Unbreakable. What does that word even mean?? Can not be broken? Invincible? I recently found myself musing on that word until something hit me. How would you KNOW that something is unbreakable? A clear, marketing slogan? A money-back guarantee? A warranty? I mean, how would you actually know that something CAN NOT be broken? The only way to really know if a building is unbreakable is if something hits it that should break it...but ...

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  • What is Luxury? S'mores, Steak Knives & Green Tea

    Someone recently asked me, "What is luxury?" I told him that luxury means worry-free. It means everything has been thought of already for you. Every detail has been checked and re-checked before you purchase something. Whenever you have to wonder if something is going to get done, luxury ceases. If I see a maintenance employee in the lobby, and ask him for an extra pillow for my room, I shouldn't have to wonder if it's ...

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  • Worthy To Be Served

    I love service. I love to see people treated well. Exceptionally well. I also love to see people come to work with honor and passion for their craft. No matter what that craft is. People often think that service excellence is all about the touchpoints, service steps, and amenities involved. However, there is an unspoken variable that is rarely discussed. It is the anchor of service excellence. Without this variable, nothing…else…works. That one variable has ...

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  • Are You Sure That You Want a Culture of Excellence?

    Stop! Please. Just Stop. If I hear one more leadership team say that their company’s desire is to build a “Culture of Excellence”, I might just pass out. I know that it sounds good and looks good to use words like Culture and Excellence. When used in team meetings and on PR materials, those words tend to elicit affirmative head nods and rounds of applause. After all, who doesn’t want to be associated with Excellence? ...

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  • The Power of Peer Accountability

    The world needs more people who nudge each other. People who call each other out when things are not good AND who lift each other up when things go well. As I travel around the globe and work with various clients, I’ve noticed an alarming trend. There aren’t as many people who are comfortable nudging a teammate. Of all the various forms of accountability that exist, none is greater than peer accountability. There is something ...

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