As a speaker who is confident and fairly experienced in delivering presentations, I really needed help with the business side of speaking. The Bryan Williams Speaker school provided exactly what I was looking for. I walked out of the course with an understanding of the speaking business, a myriad of tangible tools, and most importantly, a clear plan of action as to what I need to do to NEXT to grow my speaking business. In addition to providing exceptional ROI (what I learned during the course is already allowing me to book more talks and at a higher fee), the Bryan Williams Speaker School was one of the most engaging educational events I have ever attended. Dr. Williams made every detail of the event an incredibly personalized experience.

-Luke Carlson, CEO of DiscoverStrength

If you have a knowledge or skill others might benefit from and desire to speak on a local or national stage, the BW Enterprise Speaker School is for you. Dr. Bryan Williams is knowledgeable and passionate in delivering relevant resources, customized learning, coaching, and mentorship. In addition, he offers access to experts and a community comprised of individuals from various industries and stages in their speaking career. The BW Enterprise Speaker School is helpful in quickly guiding you through the transition from your current job title to thinking (and acting) like a “world-class speaker”.

The cost of the training is an investment in yourself, but you can expect to realize major value right away.

-Dr. Carrine V. M. Todman-Lewis, DBA, MTA, CMP, CVEP

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